History of Scribner

Even though today it seems that life was easier in the past that is not always the case. In the 19th century the farmers were forced to pay 60 percent interest on money needed for seed. Unlike today, most of the people were in the agri-business and their future didn’t look bright.

Started out as a bustling Railroad town

Scribner is a city in Nebraska and was platted in 1870 as an English and German community by John Blair. In the start it was a bustling railroad town, but today even though the railroad isn’t working Scribner is a trade center in a wide area. In the beginning, in 1874 there were only 50 people in the town, but over the years that number grew to 1100 in 1920 and now is constant number of about 1000 residents.

The flood of 1944

The city is known by its floods, but only one of them is known as the worst – the flood in 1944. Two people lost their lives in it and there was a damage worth of thousands of dollars. In the future there will be a dike around the town, but the plans are still under consideration. In the early 1970s the street paving has been completed and from 1979 there is a new water tower.

The Bushel Bin

Scribner is successful in business because it adapted with the changes over the years. There is a 50,000 bushel bin that was built in 1919 and handles more than 3 million bushels annually. In the past the livestock was taken to Omaha market by the rail. Today cattle and hogs are sold to packing plants in the local area which is good because it provides development and job opportunities for the people from Scribner.

In the past the fire protection was a series of cisterns on Main Street. Today there is a fire department with 36 volunteers which shows that small town people care for each other. The rural fire district and the city have invested in a new fire hall and proper equipment. In 1948 there was the first rescue squad with 24 members. Now, all of the members are EMT-ambulance trained.


On the cultural side, there is a new auditorium, enlarged public library and museum each August on the Dodge County Fair. There are also sport centers like the lighted softball and baseball fields and the heated swimming pool.

Education and Schooling

To the people of Scribner, the education is a priority, so the old school which was built in 1885 was replaced in 1925. It was renewed several times since then. Today, with the rise of technology the technology equipment is updated and is ready to prepare the young people for better future.

The first church in the city was built in 1871, but today there are six churches to help people connect to God. The members of the church cooperate together and organize joint services.

So, through the old struggling days, the people from Scribner has made one great and amazing city that welcomes people and is on the same page with the technology in the other parts of the US.